Choosing an earth-friendly holiday

Agritourismo Farm holiday

Agritourismo is the general term to describe farm/rural holidays in Italy. As farming in Italy (as elsewhere in the world) is becoming less profitable - a system of subsidies exists which allows small farmers to augment their income by providing B and B facilities on site. Such accommodation is available throughout Italy - and some give you the opportunity to help out on the farms.

Location of the holiday

Various farms throughout Northern Italy

When did/will you go?

August 2007

How did/would you get there and back?

Boat from Harwich to Hook of Holland and then we loaded the car onto the overnight sleeper train to Bologna. This kept driving to a minimum - and the train was a wonderful experience for the children. It gave them a real feeling for the geography of this part of Europe.

What was/is ethical about this holiday?

Taking the train instead of flying was a wonderful way to travel with small children. Staying in a rural location meant our food was locally produced - and staying in agriturismo ensures that small farms and traditional farming methods in Italy are preserved.

What was/is the best thing about this holiday?

Everything - it was the perfect holiday!

Anything you would have done differently?

Not a single thing.

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