Choosing an earth-friendly holiday

Cathole Cottages

Lovely self-catering cottages in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Location of the holiday

Gunnerside, Swaledale, Yorkshire

When did/will you go?

Easter 2009

How did/would you get there and back?

Car, I am afraid, but there were 5 people in it!

What was/is ethical about this holiday?

No flying. English Heritage sites to visit (Richmond and Middleham Castles). Tours of Hazel Brow organic farm. Beautiful country-side to appreciate. The cottage rental company is based in Swaledale.

What was/is the best thing about this holiday?

Gorgeous Swaledale scenery. Peace and quiet. Manageable walks for young children on the door-step. Watching lambs being born.

Additional Notes

There are a lot of companies offering self-catering accommodation in the Dales. I would recommend Cathole Cottages because it is based locally and the properties are lovely. Our cottage was a cosy, comfortable and characterful converted barn.

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