Choosing an earth-friendly holiday

Dance Camp East

Dance Camp East is a camp of 400 people, camping in groups of 25 around fire. Marquees, cafes, a wholefood shop, sauna, and healing field. Many workshops on offer, mostly dance but also creative arts, eco skills and music.

Location of the holiday


When did/will you go?

10 days in August every other year

How did/would you get there and back?

Car share

What was/is ethical about this holiday?

It's in England and not too far from a train station.
Sharing of resources eg food and creative materials. Careful management of waste and the land eg recycling is well organised and the toilets are mostly compost loos.

What was/is the best thing about this holiday?

The sense of getting away from it all and living in a more communal way with friends.

Additional Notes

It has been running for many years and is referred to in a book called EGaia by Gary Alexander.

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