Choosing an earth-friendly holiday

Mad Dogs and English Wine

This was a fundraisng event thought up by myself and Andy Martin to raise money for the Chestnut Treehouse Hospice. We took English wine by tandem bike (and support vehicle) through France to the Slow Food headquarters, we conducted wine tastings of English wine en route.

Location of the holiday

English wine Centre to Bra in Italy.

When did/will you go?

May 2008.

How did/would you get there and back?

We went 1900km on a 20 year old donated tandem bike. We came back by camper van, due to timings and the amount of kit we had to move around.

What was/is ethical about this holiday?

We travelled by bike, we camped and used very little resources, we promoted local produce, we used local produce wherever we were in France and Italy, we promoted and got involved with the Slow Food movement.

What was/is the best thing about this holiday?

The actual cycling each day, the response of the people we met, the craziness of the idea.

Anything you would have done differently?

We wouldn’t have believed everyone who said they would support/help us.

Additional notes

Great trip, we had a good time but it was a very hard trip, we wouldn’t do the same again, equally we have created something unique which we are very proud of now. It is difficult when charities are involved as the fund raising was a job in itself. Through the trip we were able to immerse ourselves in the locale a lot more than if we had hopped by car or plane etc.

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