Choosing an earth-friendly holiday

Walking the Coast to Coast

Ennerdale Water

Devised by writer and hillwalker, Alfred Wainwright, the 190-mile Coast to Coast Walk is a stunning long-distance trail. Setting off from St Bees in Cumbria, by the Irish Sea on the West Coast of England, walkers spend a few days in The Lake District, then cross the Pennines into the Yorkshire Dales, before finishing through the North Yorkshire Moors to reach the pretty village of Robin Hood’s Bay on the East Coast. Walking through three National Parks makes this trail particularly special.

Location of the holiday

Northern England.

When did/will you go?

June 2005.

How did/would you get there and back?

By bus and train.
We travelled from Brighton to St Bees by train, spent 13 days walking, and returned by bus from Robin Hood’s Bay to Scarborough, and train from Scarborough to Brighton. We used to help us plan the trip, stayed in bed & breakfasts (many of which welcomed us with tea and home-made cake) and had our luggage moved from point to point by While using sherpavan involved a van driving from coast to coast as well as us walking it, the van was carrying the bags of several walkers at once so we didn’t feel too bad about it.

What was/is ethical about this holiday?

We travelled there and back by public transport. The holiday generated income for local communities as a result of local scenery, which encourages the preservation of that scenery.

What was/is the best thing about this holiday?

Even though I love travelling to faraway countries, this holiday in the UK was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. It combined stunning views, wonderful birds and wildlife, exercise, fresh air, good food, time to think, and time to chat. From the storm-tossed seas of St Bees to the relative calm of Robin Hood’s Bay, every day was different.

Robin Hoods Bay

Anything you would have done differently?

We asked the B&Bs to provide us with lunch and ended up with so much food that we wasted some. When we’ve taken walking holidays since, we’ve brought nuts, chocolate and flapjacks with us (since our bags are being moved for us, we don’t have to worry too much about weight) and managed with these during the day rather than having packed lunches provided.
Oh, and don’t try to climb High Stile when the weather’s bad. Take the low road instead. :-)

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