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We all love taking a well–earned break and a memorable holiday. It can be even more rewarding and relaxing knowing that our trip is promoting local economic development in a developing country and/or having a reduced impact on the environment, wildlife and climate change.

A Clean Break enables people to share ideas for holidaying in a more responsible way, and to discuss issues relating to ethical tourism.

How you can get involved

Hold A Clean Break in your area

We’ve created a package of ideas and guidance for creating your own event.


The inaugural A Clean Break event took place on Sunday 26th April 2009, at The Hanover Community Centre, Southover Street, Brighton, E. Sussex, BN2 9UD, UK.

Read about it on the Events page.

A Clean Break aims to be non-profit-making. Any proceeds from events will be donated to charity.

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Help research on ethical tourism

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Have you been on, or are you planning to go on a sustainable⁄ethical⁄eco⁄green⁄responsible holiday, originating from the UK? Would you be willing to take part in a one hour interview about your experiences, thoughts and feelings in relation to your holiday?
If so, please contact Paul, a University of Brighton PhD student researching experiences of ethical tourism, by emailing him on ph67@brighton.ac.uk.